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Dec 9, 2013 11:00pm PST
do? >> i am proposing to shoot it down. >> reporter: he says it was the national defense authorization act that got him fired up. he read about the government's plan to add six bases for drone testing and invest $23 billion into new unmanned aerial vehicles. the faa says thousands of drones could be flying over our heads by 2020. the idea of eyes in the skies he says is not the american way. his message to the government? not to my back yard. so steele drafted a drone-hunting ordinance that goes up for a vote tomorrow. a yes vote would give residents the go ahead to shoot down a drone that comes within 1,000 feet of their homes. >> reporter: but you don't want people to take this seriously? >> of course i want them to take it seriously. >> reporter: steele insists he's thought of everything. the ordinance specifies the kinds of ammunition and weapons you can use and put as bounty on recovered drone parts. $25 for the fuse ladies and >> it's a federal offense to destroy government property. >> reporter: despite opposition, steele's idea has found support. >> i would shoot
Dec 3, 2013 7:00pm PST
a crime. as far as i can tell. >> but he may have a defense in there somewhere. i don't note legal arguments. but we do know that there was a lever or something inside the cab knowning cab known as the dead man's control. >> explain about that. >> it's a system by if the driver does have let's say a heart attack or major medical problem or falls asleep that he loses physical control and therefore he releases the control of this lever or pedal or whatever it is which automatically brings a train to a stop. the fact that didn't happen, this is really a legal question, would he therefore be able to say i wasn't really asleep? because if i was this thing would have automatically activated. >> i don't know if that helps him or if it hurts him. it sounds to me like he was not entirely asleep, he was in some level of consciousness. >> let me bring in a sleep specialist, michael bruce author of "the sleep doctor's diet plan". can you explain, a, what does this sound like to you? this term nodding off, does that mean somebody's asleep? >> well, it can. and then again it may not. i think we'
Dec 9, 2013 7:00pm PST
statements today the prosecution and the defense painted two very different pictures of jordan graham. one as a calculating murderer and the other as a young and naive woman who made a terrible mistake and got scared. now, earlier today 12 jurors and two alternates and now up to them to decide whether this was murder or the worst accident imaginable. kyung lah has the story. >> reporter: jordan graham, slipping into court before dawn, her lily publicized murder trial. graham is charged with first degree murder of her husband of just eight days. their young marriage began with such promise. or so it seemed. this was june. jordan graham and cody johnson's wedding, their first dance. a song made for them by elizabeth shay. >> i used words like you helped me to climb higher for a better view, you're my safe place to fall. and so now when i hear those words it is a little creepy. >> reporter: creepy, she says, because of what followed. prosecutors believe graham was having second thoughts about her new husband. eight days after the wedding, prosecutors say graham texted her best friend, oh
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3